Visit us at Defexpo in South Goa from March 28th to 31st.

Team Sika looks forward to welcoming you to our stand 2.7 in Hall 2.

Aerospace Materials and Components Group is specialized in the design, development, manufacture, testing and certification of aerospace components and fasteners.

The group also supplies Aerospace fasteners and fastener assemblies including Rivets, Threaded fasteners, Bolts & Nuts for airframes, engines and other systems. The group offers fasteners and components in Aluminum Alloys, Steels, Titanium Alloys and other exotic materials.

All the items of production are fully traceable to the manufacturer from raw material stage to the finished product.

The products are approved by the certification authority for use in military aircraft. SIKA has also been registered as one of the suppliers in major Indian Defense establishments and Aeronautical industries.

SIKA has established a joint venture fastener company in UK which exclusively manufactures fasteners using Ti alloys, Inconels, Monel, Nimonic, Hastelloy and other exotic alloys for Aerospace and Defence Industries.

The group also distributes Aerospace fasteners.

Aerospace Materials and Components Group sources and distributes difficult to obtain aerospace grade special materials for Aerospace applications where specifications are stringent.
Aerospace Materials and Components Group offerings include:
Raw Materials
Threaded Fasteners
Fastener Assemblies
Riveting Kit and Tools
Bolts and Nuts




Riveting Kit

Riveting Tool

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